How To Choose The Best Cincinnati Ohio Airport

If you are going to be flying into Cincinnati, you might want to choose the airport that you land at. There are a couple of them to choose from. There is the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport which is where most people land. There is also Lunken Field and also Cincinnati West Airport. The one that you choose to land and will usually be based upon the ticket that you purchase. If you are going to be landing in the middle of the city, then CVG is where most people end up. Here is a quick overview of the different airports that are there and which one you might want to consider landing and if you actually have a choice.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

This airport is the one that serves the metropolitan area of Cincinnati. It was actually given the code because it was very close to Covington in Kentucky. It offers about 200 daily departures to over 50 destinations. This airport is also becoming one of the fastest growing cargo airports in the United States. Although it has only ranked as high as 26 on rankings for airports around the world, it is actually the highest rated airport that is in America. In regard to North America, only Vancouver international Airport is ranked higher, making this one of the nicest airports that you can visit.

Other Airports In Cincinnati

Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport is another choice when it comes to airports. It is a public airport, one that is very close to downtown Cincinnati. It is typically used for private aircraft, as well as corporate jets, but there are a few commercial flights that do fly out of this airport. The other airport is the Cincinnati West Airport. In most cases, you will not land in either of these airports if you are traveling on a commercial flight.

These are the airports that are serving the city of Cincinnati. They are all good airports, with Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport being the most popular. If you happen to be going into Cincinnati, or if you are landing there to head up into Indianapolis or Columbus, it’s a great place to land which you will see when you arrive. Best of all, this particular airport is among the best in the world. You will get to see an iconic place that has high ratings. You won’t have to worry about finding your way around the airport because of how well it is designed. If you are traveling to Ohio, these are the airports that you can look forward to landing at when you visit.